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Matchsticks Taking Form – Stanislav Aristov

January 31, 2013


So we’ve all seen the close up, macro shot of a freshly lit matchstick in everyday photography, haven’t we? Well Russian photographer, Stanislav Aristove challenges just that with a fresh new interpretation and creativity to the use of matchsticks. He burns and bends the flame into a different shape and form, see what I mean […]

Bodyscapes – Jean Paul Bourdier

January 29, 2013


For the landscapes lovers… I mean the body lovers… I mean… Ah heck this is something for everyone really, just to mix up your day a little bit! California based photographer Jean Paul Bourdier, creates mysterious photographs which depict the nude body hidden hauntingly amongst the colours of the land that engulfs his subjects. Something […]

Baby Drawings – Adele Emerson

January 24, 2013


This one’s an article for the parent’s, the parents who have ever thought of getting that unique baby photo, one that stand out above the rest, well you have to give Adele Emerson ten out of ten for just that. Adele is a copywritier in advertising, however she takes photographs of her baby son in […]

Making Sound more… Colourful! – Fabian Oefner

January 20, 2013


What? Sound’s an invisible things though, how can we make it colorful?! Well thinking out of the box I’m sure there are tonnes of creative ways you could make sound visible, even colorful… The proof is in the pudding in the inventive mind of Zurich based photographer, Fabian Oefner! With his photographic series name ‘Dancing […]

Black & White to Colour – Sanna Dullaway

January 16, 2013


Black and White photography into Colour, whats so special about that you may ask? Sanna Dullaway is what’s special! We ALL know these old photographs featuring Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, there famous! However what if I told you that we could see exactly what colour coat Darwin was wearing or what colour […]

Ghostly Trees – Clement Briend

January 14, 2013


It’s not like the incredible CGI effects from horror movies can scare us enough but now people are projecting faces in to trees! Well… when I say people I mean french photographer Clement Briend of course! He terrorized people of Paris an Cambodia with his projector, camera and carefully selected tree. Take a look at […]

The Nude Body… IN MOTION – Shinichi Maruyama

January 8, 2013


DON’T PANIC, BY showing you this you will not be confronted by a a bold statement of the nude body, in fact what I think you will see is a demonstration on just how illusive the human body can really be.  Shinichi Maruyama, a new york based, Japanese photographer explores the human body to a […]