Black & White to Colour – Sanna Dullaway

Posted on January 16, 2013


Black and White photography into Colour, whats so special about that you may ask? Sanna Dullaway is what’s special! We ALL know these old photographs featuring Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, there famous! However what if I told you that we could see exactly what colour coat Darwin was wearing or what colour Churchill’s eye’s are? Well thanks to the hard work of Sanna, I can because she has converted the black and white photos into colour for all of us to enjoy the fully justified tonal range of Lincoln’s beard! famous-old-photographs-restored-in-color-4  Sanna presented these pictures as a way to promote her services of photo restoration. What was intended to showcase her great photoshop skills, instantly went viral and turned into a huge debate on mocking the past. Some users got really upset with Sanna inventing the coloring of the historic moments, while others appreciated how she brought back the emotional impact of the scenes. So what do you think?


To see even more of these great restorations click the link here:


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