Baby Drawings – Adele Emerson

Posted on January 24, 2013


This one’s an article for the parent’s, the parents who have ever thought of getting that unique baby photo, one that stand out above the rest, well you have to give Adele Emerson ten out of ten for just that. Adele is a copywritier in advertising, however she takes photographs of her baby son in different sleeping positions, and from this, she draws a baby’s dreams.


Adele has published a book titled, “When my baby dreams” which features her first born daughter Mila in which she would create fantasy worlds which led to the assumption of the baby’s dreams. Personally I love these, not only does it set aside your standard of photography within baby’s but it elevates a new standard in which we can see new creative ‘perks‘ in the ‘norm‘.


To view all of her work, visit her blog in the link below:


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