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Lil’ Baby ‘Lexi’ – Tom Coghill

February 27, 2013


I have to say, this was my first ever baby shoot and regardless of the fact that lil’ baby Lexi wasn’t feeling very well the day of the shoot, (26th February 2013)  I had a fantastic time with the company of Sammi (Mother), Donna (Aunt) and family friend Grant. Within the five minute intervals of […]

Self-Portraits… Upside down?! – Caulton Morris

February 24, 2013


Before you wonder or ask, no these are not ‘photo-shopped’  100% real and honest upside down self-portraits! After the popular sensation, ‘planking’ that recently took craze to the public like ducks to breadcrumbs British photographer Caulton Morris. They often say that sometimes you have to change your point of view to come up with an answer […]

‘Pop-Up Shop’ Exhibition – Tom Coghill

February 21, 2013


In November 2012 I did my first real event shoot for fellow Plymouth College of Art students, Charlotte Wood, Sian Dabner & Jess Thornton. They hosted an exhibition in which a wide variety of students within different mediums may hand in their work to be exhibited within the town center of Plymouth. I thought this […]

Scotch-tape Portraits – Wes Newman

February 17, 2013


What I find fascinating about the genre of portratiure is that its always re-inventable. As long as people are inspired and continue to have creative ideas then there will always be interesting outcomes to the bog standard portrait. An example of the creativity of which I speak of would be Mexican commercial photographer Wes Naman.It […]

Working with Christine – Tom Coghill

February 16, 2013


I wasn’t so ‘smooth’ for this photo shoot at first. (15th of February 2013) Having had a rather long break from studio work, Christine was the first person I had managed to get in the studio for almost a year. I had forgotten basic things like shutter speed sync with lighting (250 for the record) […]

Look-Alikes – Francois Brunelle

February 10, 2013


Now supposedly we all have a doppelganger floating around but this photographic series by Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle really takes the cake! Brunelle would find his models by media influence and word of mouth and he got fantastic results, more so than he ever expected. “I found my first subjects simply through people I knew […]

Getting Minimal – Hossein Zare

February 5, 2013


Have an appreciation of the minimalistic fashion then Hossein Zare (Iranian photographer) is just the photographer for you! His work was recognized in the Best Fine Art of 2012 selection by the website 500px.   Personally I have a real liking for the fine details he has managed to capture within the contrast of black and white […]