Simply Black & White – Benoit Courti

Posted on September 1, 2014



Allow me to introduce the creative and hauntingly serene black and white photography of Benoit Courti, a Parisian photographer. His work subjects and highlights rather dark contexts using the human body as a form of connection between us (the Viewer) and himself (the Photographer). Focusing mostly within self portraiture Benoit aims to depict the intimate nature of the human body and it’s fragility using props as the narrative to bring attention to just this.


Although he states that he is “Perfectly capable of working in Colour photography” he explains that the demanding aesthetics of Black and White cannot be compared, especially when it comes to sharp detail. Personally I adore simple black and white photography that is clear in it’s comunication, I feel that when used in our modern era there is a strong sense of nostalgia reminding us of the camera’s (now considered ‘Hipster’) 35mm Camera.


What are your thoughts on black and white photography used within the present era?



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