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Portraiture – Neil Bedford

August 30, 2012


Making your portraits more inventive and more creative can be challenging, ask anyone! Neil Bedford displays a fantastic example of thinking out of the box with his portraiture’s using odd approaches to lighting, weird poses and squashing the models face on a slate of glass. I really appreciate the tactics he’s placed to make his […]

Natural Underwater – Nicholas Samaras

August 28, 2012


Nicholas Samaras offers something unique to the table of underwater photography, a more exciting approach towards the subject as opposed to just throwing a model into the water he photographs and documents what he sees whilst scuba diving and there are some fantastically interesting results. I have only paddled in the shallow end of underwater […]

Tribes and Cultures – Mitchell Kanashkevich

August 24, 2012


Mitchell Kanashkevich is a travel/ documentary photographer and he loves to capture ‘disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations’. Looking through his website you’ll start to see that this is a prominent theme within his photographs. However is main aim of any photograph is capture that essence of human element. I […]

Trapped – Jenn Ackerman

August 22, 2012


Jenn Ackerman has a fantastic education history having a BA Hon’s in Social Research, A study of Photography and A Masters Degree in visual communications, with this you can only see fit for what see has photographed within her incredible and inspiring series appropriately titled, ‘Trapped’. Jenn was interested by the subcultures within the US, […]

Portrait & Fashion – Dimitris Theocharis

August 20, 2012


Dimitris Theocharis has a refreshing new take to the fashion and portraiture genre of photography, using an incredible use of the shutter speed technique creating such fantastic effects as well as using materials and surroundings to manipulate the models / subjects. I was very excited myself to find Theocharis’s portfolio because of the new ideas […]

Wonderland – Kirsty Mitchell

August 18, 2012


Kirsty Mitchell’s series titled, ‘Wonderland’ demonstrates the obscurity in photography that most people in today’s ‘modern world’ are craving. I think it shows an intriguing and colorful displays of surrealism but the thing that brings it down for me is that aside from a few photographs of hers they are all over-edited and manipulated for […]

Lost your Car? – Peter Lippmann

August 16, 2012


I immediately felt a connection to Lippmann’s work as I share that particular love of the urban explorer style of photography and upon viewing his work I was fascinated, he has many interesting series of photographs on his website, my favorites being ‘Paradise Parking’ and ‘Medicinal Plants’.What I found most refreshing about his portfolio was […]