Making Sound more… Colourful! – Fabian Oefner

Posted on January 20, 2013


What? Sound’s an invisible things though, how can we make it colorful?! Well thinking out of the box I’m sure there are tonnes of creative ways you could make sound visible, even colorful… The proof is in the pudding in the inventive mind of Zurich based photographer, Fabian Oefner! dancing-color-fabian-oefner-5With his photographic series name ‘Dancing Colors’ he attached a thin membrane on top of some high quality and loud speakers! Then on top of this membrane, some colored salt. Once he had done this, he ‘busted out’ some tunes and so within the split second he had to capture the photograph he caught his results giving him his series, ‘Dancing colors’.dancing-color-fabian-oefner-6To catch the shots he had  attached the microphone to the flash system, which would go off every time the mic pics up a sound. This demonstrates to me that photography is not always just about clicking the button, in some cases it is in fact thinking outside of the camera… and the lens!dancing-color-fabian-oefner-2Give this link a click and see even more of his work:

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