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London Puddles – Gavin Hammond

September 29, 2012


We’ve all seen your standard puddle photograph where someone unsuccessfully attempts to capture the reflection of the puddle and stamps it as a masterpiece but in Gavin Hammonds case I can actually look and appreciate what he’s done. The reflections are defined and still, looking like mirrors on the floor demonstrating a surreal beauty towards […]

Dreamlike Portraits – Rosie Hardy

September 27, 2012


Rosie Hardy has an inspirational approach to self portraiture. She constructs props and scenery’s for the subject focus beautifully making the photograph all the more alluringly interesting. Looking through her website I can clearly see that she never does a ‘bog-standard’ portrait as each one shares a certain attribute of being unique. The surreal approach […]

London 2012 Olympics Portraits

September 25, 2012


In spirit of the 2012 Olympics I have decided that  Photographic post based on the subject would be rather fitting and relevant and so in searching for a post/ blog/ article dedicated to my chosen subject I found Portraits of the USA competitors on The Telegraphs website. Each portrait fantastically lit and some truly meaningful […]

Real Superhero’s – Agan Hararap

September 23, 2012


No matter how good at history you are, there will still be a hidden side of it you just never knew. It is really hard to uncover the real truth of the past, however there are some really talented guys who can do it. Meet Agan Hararap – a talented photographer and graphic designer from […]

Ink Riders – Alberto Seveso

September 19, 2012


Alberto Seveso has already been featured on my blog (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PREVIOUS POST) in which I discussed his ‘Water & Ink’ works which I found fascinating and an idea that wish to experiment with myself in the future, but looking further at his work on a later date I found his series […]

In the Flesh – Bagad Badalian

September 17, 2012


Bagad Badalian ‘paints‘ an interesting image to me, his use of the human body and the genre of portraiture reflects a certain colorful beauty highlighting the details of the human body in a way I havn’t seen before and this only intrigues me to try something similar to this but with my own spin. Painting […]

Advertisement – Jill Greenberg

September 15, 2012


Jill Greenberg’s work continues to fascinate me at each and every turn, the diversity alone is enough to keep her viewers intrigued to continually scroll through her impressive online portfolio. However diversity alone doesn’t get you taking portraiture photographs of those of famed stature and photographing for movie and advertising productions. You can see why […]