The Nude Body… IN MOTION – Shinichi Maruyama

Posted on January 8, 2013


DON’T PANIC, BY showing you this you will not be confronted by a a bold statement of the nude body, in fact what I think you will see is a demonstration on just how illusive the human body can really be.  Shinichi Maruyama, a new york based, Japanese photographer explores the human body to a new level in which differs from what we are accustomed too. sweeping-nude-bodies-shinichi-maruyama-3He asks his models to dance, nude. With this he brings a sense of fluid motion to the human body expressing that we are not as stone as art has modernly depicted the beauty of the body to be. It appears to be a long exposure shot however each image is composed of several photographs stitched together.

sweeping-nude-bodies-shinichi-maruyama-5Without being pressured into ‘flashing’ the private parts Shinichi brings back the secrecy and intimate details of what nude art/ photography had originated from.

sweeping-nude-bodies-shinichi-maruyama-7To view some more of these greatly unique photographs, click the link below:

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