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Mind Blowing Landscapes – A MUST SEE

June 30, 2012


To all of you that are skeptical towards landscape photography, I think you will change your mind within a second after seeing what I have to show you, not only will you be amazed at the beautiful and incredibly powerful landscapes captured here but you will also be instantly motivated to go for a walk […]

Water & Ink – Alberto Seveso

June 25, 2012


Italian Artist, Alberto Seveso, takes different coloured inks and blends them into water where they merge into a bold and colourful cloud. He has created some very interesting and bold photography using this technique and personally this is a technique I would also like to expiriment with myself. It reminds me of Mark Mawsons work […]

Light Painting!

June 21, 2012


I decided to look for a more creative technique to write about today and thought that I hadnt really visited my fvourite technique in a while, this being light painting (aka light photography). I havnt practiced the technique since october 2011 and I would like to soon revisit it with the inspiration I have drawn […]

Good Timing!

June 17, 2012


I found this article gave me a bit of a laugh and some motivation too. It gave me the inspiration to look at the timing of objects and that the subject focus of the photograph can be manipulated drastically by its surroundings. It also gives me an idea for a future project in which I […]

Exploring Millbay & Durnford

June 14, 2012


From ‘Exploring Keyham’ I found inspiration to follow the coast line instead and in aimlessly walking I went straight through union street and found myself at Devil’s Point as it’s known locally, which is located within Millbay and I also begun to venture within Durnford too. I was amazed by my surroundings, the clear blue […]

Exploring Plymouth

June 13, 2012


So far I had explored Keyham and Dartmoor but I havnt even stepped out my own back door, and so I had set out to do just that although on my exploration I didn’t really find many areas I wasnt familiar with and therefore did not have the inspiration or excitement of new. Regardless I […]

Exploring Keyham

June 12, 2012


In relation to my most recent post, ‘Exploring Dartmoor’ I continued my exploration in the district next door named ‘Keyham’ and found some rather interesting photographs although as a whole it is generally just another district with row after row of housing, off license’s, pubs and parks and tends to get rather repetitive. However my […]