Matchsticks Taking Form – Stanislav Aristov

Posted on January 31, 2013


So we’ve all seen the close up, macro shot of a freshly lit matchstick in everyday photography, haven’t we? Well Russian photographer, Stanislav Aristove challenges just that with a fresh new interpretation and creativity to the use of matchsticks. He burns and bends the flame into a different shape and form, see what I mean for yourselves.matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-14Creating some wonderfully minimalistic results with the use of photoshop manipulationhe emphasises a new spin on an everyday object. “the big lives of the tiny wood splinters” he describes. This goes to prove that a true artist can find artistic potential even in the smallest and most commonplace objects around themselves.matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-15See some more flaming pieces of… work… here:

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