One little house – Manuel Cosentino

Posted on September 19, 2014



Italian photographer Manuel Cosentino, an italian photographer, has been working hard on capturing a single image, multiple times over the time scale of two years. Using the same angle and framing, Manuel immediately creates a sense of flow throughout his series using a simple yet delightful idea.


Come sun and rain, day and night, summer and winter, Manuel set up his camera to capture that one little house up on the hill in a variety of different weather conditions, times and season, demonstrating that this house, will forever remain as a part of the landscape whilst the natural conditions around it change to offer a new perspective on the same shot.


Manuel’s had a busy life being a visual effects artist for the film industry having worked on well known movies such as Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix and Narnia: Prince Caspian. Now having explored the creativity of photography he has fallen in love with it calling it his true passion and has decided to dedicate himself to the photographic practice.


Personally, I look forward to seeing how Manuel’s work progress’s and what he will do next!

Take a look at his website here!

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