Bodyscapes – Jean Paul Bourdier

Posted on January 29, 2013


For the landscapes lovers… I mean the body lovers… I mean… Ah heck this is something for everyone really, just to mix up your day a little bit! California based photographer Jean Paul Bourdier, creates mysterious photographs which depict the nude body hidden hauntingly amongst the colours of the land that engulfs his subjects.


Something I personally love about his work is that he remains intentionally away from any digital manipulation, this goes hand in hand with this particular photographic series to demonstrate a natural beauty of the human body intertwined with nature and it’s boldly colorful landscapes.


“I’m hoping that through the unexpected wealth of surreal situations photographed, one may be brought to experience a different sense of living poetically or find new liberating perspectives in regards to how we can relate to our surroundings, appreciate beauty and light, or wonder about our own being or what we aspire to.”


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