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The Fireflies Wonder – Yume Cyan

August 10, 2014


Fireflies and their evening activities by Yume Cyan

21:21, The Photo-Marathon

February 11, 2014


Please Note: This article is my response to the Challenge I previously featured and discussed on my blog, click here to see it for more information on the photo marathon and it’s cause, intentions and aims. (Some of the team and myself) Yesterday morning, we met at 9am to group together at base camp where […]

Aerial Photography – Klaus Leidorf

January 1, 2013


Klaus Leidorf, a 50 year old aerial archaeologist from Germany, proud owner of a Cesna 172 and whilst in flight he practices his photography right above our heads, and some of his results are stunning! His minimalist approach to composition works particularly well with his use of colour, pattern and texture. What excites Klaus the […]

“Weird Beauty” – Alexander Khokhlov

November 13, 2012


A Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov decided to disregard a traditional perception of make-up. In his Weird Beauty photo series, made together with a Russian make-up artist Valeryia Kutsan, Alexander uses women’s face as canvas creating sharp black and white patterns. The duo chose shapes and symbols that are hardly relatable to a human’s face, like […]

Nitrogen Flowers – John Shireman

October 26, 2012


John Shireman, using his basic know how of chemistry and combining it with some flowers resulted in some smashing fun! He is a new york based photographer who focus’s his works around still life photography, in order to create some really interesting photographs he though out of the box to other means of creativity and […]

Minimalist Urban – Matthias Heiderich

October 22, 2012


“When I go out I search for patterns, lines, colors, the abstracts of the urban landscapes to transform them into something new, take them out of their contexts,” German based photographer Matthias Heiderich, has a unique eye, an eye to see and look out for the brilliant display of shapes, lines, patterns and of course […]

Sexual Colours – Gabriel Wickbold

August 6, 2012


”The paint is a protection and at the same time revealing. It covers a woman, but in character, reveals itself.” Gabriel’s online portfolio demonstrates very varied pieces of work yet all are differently experimental and therefore a fascinating look, whether its splashing naked women in paint or turning someone into an animal or bug he’s […]