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The Fireflies Wonder – Yume Cyan

August 10, 2014


Fireflies and their evening activities by Yume Cyan

Bodyscapes – Jean Paul Bourdier

January 29, 2013


For the landscapes lovers… I mean the body lovers… I mean… Ah heck this is something for everyone really, just to mix up your day a little bit! California based photographer Jean Paul Bourdier, creates mysterious photographs which depict the nude body hidden hauntingly amongst the colours of the land that engulfs his subjects. Something […]

INTERVIEW – Tony Cobley

October 20, 2012


For my current project, “201: ‘PCA’ Client Brief” (See previous post click here) I decided to conduct an interview with local professional photographer Tony Cobley as his photographs were the results of what I wanted to capture for my own results within the task of photographing students within the workplace. As a professional what do […]

Fashion – Derren Versoza

September 11, 2012


Derren Versoza is definitely a fantastic fashion/ portrait photographer capturing the essence of beauty on location with wonderful scenery’s that reflect the models personality or reflect their best features. He is definitely an inspiration reminder to me that not all fashion shoots have to be done within the confines of a studio, you can capture […]

Natural Underwater – Nicholas Samaras

August 28, 2012


Nicholas Samaras offers something unique to the table of underwater photography, a more exciting approach towards the subject as opposed to just throwing a model into the water he photographs and documents what he sees whilst scuba diving and there are some fantastically interesting results. I have only paddled in the shallow end of underwater […]

Exploring Millbay & Durnford

June 14, 2012


From ‘Exploring Keyham’ I found inspiration to follow the coast line instead and in aimlessly walking I went straight through union street and found myself at Devil’s Point as it’s known locally, which is located within Millbay and I also begun to venture within Durnford too. I was amazed by my surroundings, the clear blue […]

Exploring Plymouth

June 13, 2012


So far I had explored Keyham and Dartmoor but I havnt even stepped out my own back door, and so I had set out to do just that although on my exploration I didn’t really find many areas I wasnt familiar with and therefore did not have the inspiration or excitement of new. Regardless I […]