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The Fireflies Wonder – Yume Cyan

August 10, 2014


Fireflies and their evening activities by Yume Cyan

Minimalist Urban – Matthias Heiderich

October 22, 2012


“When I go out I search for patterns, lines, colors, the abstracts of the urban landscapes to transform them into something new, take them out of their contexts,” German based photographer Matthias Heiderich, has a unique eye, an eye to see and look out for the brilliant display of shapes, lines, patterns and of course […]

INTERVIEW – Tony Cobley

October 20, 2012


For my current project, “201: ‘PCA’ Client Brief” (See previous post click here) I decided to conduct an interview with local professional photographer Tony Cobley as his photographs were the results of what I wanted to capture for my own results within the task of photographing students within the workplace. As a professional what do […]

Light Painting!

June 21, 2012


I decided to look for a more creative technique to write about today and thought that I hadnt really visited my fvourite technique in a while, this being light painting (aka light photography). I havnt practiced the technique since october 2011 and I would like to soon revisit it with the inspiration I have drawn […]

Yoann Lemoine

April 10, 2012


Whilst looking for a source of inspiration I had found Yoann Lemoine, both an art director and photographer. She explores many different assets of photography though her work seems to stray more to a ‘suburban’ type genre, regardless they are fantastic exmples and are composed beautifully, it gave me an new insight into composition and […]