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One little house – Manuel Cosentino

September 19, 2014


The power of simplicity - Manuel Cosentino

21:21, The Photo-Marathon

February 11, 2014


Please Note: This article is my response to the Challenge I previously featured and discussed on my blog, click here to see it for more information on the photo marathon and it’s cause, intentions and aims. (Some of the team and myself) Yesterday morning, we met at 9am to group together at base camp where […]

Ghostly Trees – Clement Briend

January 14, 2013


It’s not like the incredible CGI effects from horror movies can scare us enough but now people are projecting faces in to trees! Well… when I say people I mean french photographer Clement Briend of course! He terrorized people of Paris an Cambodia with his projector, camera and carefully selected tree. Take a look at […]

Dear Photograph – Taylor Jones

January 5, 2013


Anything can start from just a small idea. That’s what Taylor Jones found when he posted a few nostalgic photographs of his family to his blog, by doing so came the fruition of the now extremely popular website, ‘Dear Photograph’. This website gets around 20,000 hits a day and is ranked #7 of the best […]

Before & After – James O Jenkins

October 4, 2012


Before & After Haircut This was just what I was looking for, a brilliant example of ‘Before & After’ photographs in which you photograph one model before and event and yet again after the event has taken place and James O Jenkins has demonstrated a fantastic practical use of this idea photographing subject that have […]

London Puddles – Gavin Hammond

September 29, 2012


We’ve all seen your standard puddle photograph where someone unsuccessfully attempts to capture the reflection of the puddle and stamps it as a masterpiece but in Gavin Hammonds case I can actually look and appreciate what he’s done. The reflections are defined and still, looking like mirrors on the floor demonstrating a surreal beauty towards […]

Britishness – Economic Greed

August 12, 2012


This was random, even for me. It begins with my travels to a poundshop in which I stumbled across these Union Jack decorated piggy banks and a bunch of olympic chocolate coins. On impulse I bought them and thought that by smashing one I could demonstrate metaphorically the decline of our current delcine within the […]