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Simply Black & White – Benoit Courti

September 1, 2014


Fascinating results, simple subjects, the black and white photography of Benoit Courti

Tribes and Cultures – Mitchell Kanashkevich

August 24, 2012


Mitchell Kanashkevich is a travel/ documentary photographer and he loves to capture ‘disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations’. Looking through his website you’ll start to see that this is a prominent theme within his photographs. However is main aim of any photograph is capture that essence of human element. I […]

Davis Ayer – INSPIRING!!

April 5, 2012


When I found Davis Ayer I was instantly dumb-founded by his vast use of various different techniques and his obvious mastery of them. His photographs are the result of years of practice and they show, these photos are just small exmaples of his work, he has an amazing portfolio and for those of you who […]


March 31, 2012


The most expensive camera in the world named “Daguerreotype” is 168-year-old and belongs to a US-based scholar and was inherited from his father, a technical photography professor at Munich University. The starting bid is $132,000. The first digital camera offered to consumers was only 1.4 mega-pixels and cost around $10,000. The owner of Kodak (George […]

Robert Knight

March 27, 2012

0 Robert Knight worked on a project in which he would create long exposed shutter speeds of the human body whilst it were sleeping and the results are very interesting. They create a surreal atmosphere and creative outcome to something we as human beings do every day, sleeping! So just an idea as simple as […]