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Policing Possibilities – Instagram Shorts

September 23, 2014


Reykjavik's police force take Instagram for a whirl

21:21, The Photo-Marathon

February 11, 2014


Please Note: This article is my response to the Challenge I previously featured and discussed on my blog, click here to see it for more information on the photo marathon and it’s cause, intentions and aims. (Some of the team and myself) Yesterday morning, we met at 9am to group together at base camp where […]

Baby Drawings – Adele Emerson

January 24, 2013


This one’s an article for the parent’s, the parents who have ever thought of getting that unique baby photo, one that stand out above the rest, well you have to give Adele Emerson ten out of ten for just that. Adele is a copywritier in advertising, however she takes photographs of her baby son in […]

Ink Riders – Alberto Seveso

September 19, 2012


Alberto Seveso has already been featured on my blog (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PREVIOUS POST) in which I discussed his ‘Water & Ink’ works which I found fascinating and an idea that wish to experiment with myself in the future, but looking further at his work on a later date I found his series […]

“Shake” – Carli Davidson

July 31, 2012


Carli Davidson is both an internationally recognized award winning photographer and an experienced animal trainer and caretaker. Based out of Portland, Oregon, she is able to capture the innate personalities of her subjects using her professional understanding of animal behavior. She is a freelance photographer for the Oregon Zoo, and works regularly with domestic animals […]

“You Are Not Banksy” – Nick Stern

July 24, 2012


Nick Stern recreates the work of the world’s most famous graffiti artist Banksy in real life. British-born but currently based in Los Angeles, he spent months meticulously gathering and making props for this thought-provoking series of images in order to capture Banksy’s controversial art through film.“You are not Banksy” The title of Sterns series of […]

Light Painting!

June 21, 2012


I decided to look for a more creative technique to write about today and thought that I hadnt really visited my fvourite technique in a while, this being light painting (aka light photography). I havnt practiced the technique since october 2011 and I would like to soon revisit it with the inspiration I have drawn […]