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Just the two of us – Klaus Pichler

September 27, 2014


The wonderful world of cosplayers - Klaus Pichler

Simply Black & White – Benoit Courti

September 1, 2014


Fascinating results, simple subjects, the black and white photography of Benoit Courti

Black & White to Colour – Sanna Dullaway

January 16, 2013


Black and White photography into Colour, whats so special about that you may ask? Sanna Dullaway is what’s special! We ALL know these old photographs featuring Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, there famous! However what if I told you that we could see exactly what colour coat Darwin was wearing or what colour […]

Minimalist Urban – Matthias Heiderich

October 22, 2012


“When I go out I search for patterns, lines, colors, the abstracts of the urban landscapes to transform them into something new, take them out of their contexts,” German based photographer Matthias Heiderich, has a unique eye, an eye to see and look out for the brilliant display of shapes, lines, patterns and of course […]

Fashion Photography – Alberto Oviedo

October 12, 2012


Alberto Oviedo’s photography reflects many a meaning, each portrait having a different message, some of American consumerism, some of raw emotion and others of plain vanity in beauty. Oviedo’s approach inspires me with such a beautiful eye of detail and composition making the photograph interesting, pulling the viewer in with an alluring tug to look […]

Visiting Lecturer – Liz Wells

October 10, 2012


Today we had a lecturer, visit the Plymouth College of Art to present to us a talk based on the works of Martin Parr. Liz Wells is a Professor in Photographic Culture at Plymouth University. Throughout this talk we discussed many points surrounding the genre of social documentary such as how it has developed and […]

Irina Werning – “Back to the Future”

June 8, 2012


Finding Irina’s series of photographic work titled ‘Back to the Future’ was an immediate inspiration to me, of course its a well used and done idea for a self assigned project the only issue is that it can take time depending on the specific variables you set yourself for the task. This is a project […]