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The Homeless – Lee Jeffries

August 14, 2014


"Through the eyes of those that've lost it all, tell the best stories of comedy and tragedy"

Matchsticks Taking Form – Stanislav Aristov

January 31, 2013


So we’ve all seen the close up, macro shot of a freshly lit matchstick in everyday photography, haven’t we? Well Russian photographer, Stanislav Aristove challenges just that with a fresh new interpretation and creativity to the use of matchsticks. He burns and bends the flame into a different shape and form, see what I mean […]

Making Sound more… Colourful! – Fabian Oefner

January 20, 2013


What? Sound’s an invisible things though, how can we make it colorful?! Well thinking out of the box I’m sure there are tonnes of creative ways you could make sound visible, even colorful… The proof is in the pudding in the inventive mind of Zurich based photographer, Fabian Oefner! With his photographic series name ‘Dancing […]

Snowflakes Up-Close – Andrew Osokin

December 25, 2012


With Christmas only round the corner I felt it only appropriate to feature this article! You know how snowflake themed decorations shows a complex arrangement of lines and curves to create it’s unique and pointed shape, well compare that to what your about to see. Just think every single bit of snow that falls from […]

Wettest Year on Record – Melbourne

October 16, 2012


Originally posted on A Word in Your Ear:
Yes it’s been raining again in Melbourne  So here are some more rain shots! “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”

Natural Underwater – Nicholas Samaras

August 28, 2012


Nicholas Samaras offers something unique to the table of underwater photography, a more exciting approach towards the subject as opposed to just throwing a model into the water he photographs and documents what he sees whilst scuba diving and there are some fantastically interesting results. I have only paddled in the shallow end of underwater […]

Igor Siwanowicz (Bug Haters Beware)

May 29, 2012


Need some colourful inspiration? Look no further for Igor is here! Although finding personal information on this photographer was difficult to say the least I beieve that his amphibious and colourfully charactered critters speak for him in an empoweringly expressive way with a mix of contradicting colours and chameleon like shades. This inspired me personally […]