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Simply Black & White – Benoit Courti

September 1, 2014


Fascinating results, simple subjects, the black and white photography of Benoit Courti

Pierre Pellegrini – Long Exposure Trees

October 11, 2013


‘Thoughts in Time’ Pierre Pellegrini is a Swiss based photographer who uses the medium of photography as a tool to communicate and state of emotive intent. To create a visual connection and communication to the audience to evoke a re-action from the audience due to it’s vast emptiness within the subject matter. I find his […]

Getting Minimal – Hossein Zare

February 5, 2013


Have an appreciation of the minimalistic fashion then Hossein Zare (Iranian photographer) is just the photographer for you! His work was recognized in the Best Fine Art of 2012 selection by the website 500px.   Personally I have a real liking for the fine details he has managed to capture within the contrast of black and white […]

Black & White to Colour – Sanna Dullaway

January 16, 2013


Black and White photography into Colour, whats so special about that you may ask? Sanna Dullaway is what’s special! We ALL know these old photographs featuring Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, there famous! However what if I told you that we could see exactly what colour coat Darwin was wearing or what colour […]

“Weird Beauty” – Alexander Khokhlov

November 13, 2012


A Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov decided to disregard a traditional perception of make-up. In his Weird Beauty photo series, made together with a Russian make-up artist Valeryia Kutsan, Alexander uses women’s face as canvas creating sharp black and white patterns. The duo chose shapes and symbols that are hardly relatable to a human’s face, like […]

Real Superhero’s – Agan Hararap

September 23, 2012


No matter how good at history you are, there will still be a hidden side of it you just never knew. It is really hard to uncover the real truth of the past, however there are some really talented guys who can do it. Meet Agan Hararap – a talented photographer and graphic designer from […]

Trapped – Jenn Ackerman

August 22, 2012


Jenn Ackerman has a fantastic education history having a BA Hon’s in Social Research, A study of Photography and A Masters Degree in visual communications, with this you can only see fit for what see has photographed within her incredible and inspiring series appropriately titled, ‘Trapped’. Jenn was interested by the subcultures within the US, […]