The Homeless – Lee Jeffries

Posted on August 14, 2014


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Manchester-based accountant by day and photographer by night, Lee Jeffries has set out on a project to capture intensely detailed and emotional portraits of those rendered homeless. The project itself was influenced by one of Lee’s own experiences in which he was told off by a homeless black women for trying to take a photograph of her. This is what Lee has to say in reference to just this story, “I was incredibly embarrassed and was faced with a decision – walk away, or go and apologize. I chose the latter and her story and subsequent images I took of her changed my approach to street photography forever.

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I can really appreciate Lee’s work, it resonates deeply with me due to my own endeavours on my current project, ‘The Shekinah Mission’ (Read about it here!). When taking a portrait of someone that isn’t in the best of places you can’t help but to place yourself in their shoes, and use that emotion to fuel the atmosphere of that image. To some extent it’s as if through the camera, for that mere moment that model and photographer are connected, at least that’s how I’ve felt in situations such as these.

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I really adore Lee’s attention to detail throughout the series, as cliche as it may sound it’s the details on someones face that tells their journeys. His creative use of composition to highlight distinguishing features upon the model face is defiantly well executed, really drawing out the personalities of the individual and optimising his lighting choices to support this form of ‘reflection’. 

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