Congratulations to Teresa & Dad

Posted on August 1, 2014



I gotta say, I may have graduated, but things most certainly have not slowed down, but’s that just how I like it! This weekend my camera and I travelled up to Kent, Folkestone to witness my dad and Teresa getting married and you may have guessed it already, I was their photographer for the event! I’m not sure how many would agree with me, but photographing a wedding I found can be a lot of pressure, with lots of ‘in the moment’ shots to capture missing one could really damage the narrative of the special night, hence why I didn’t risk sitting down!


I really enjoyed the night, with decor reflecting the folkestone character of a beach/ seaside town I could really capture the suiting personalities of those who attended as well as really reflect the personalities of the newly weds!


With many weddings, it often feels as though theres a drill sergeant screaming timings, events and occasions into your ear, just me? Well not this wedding, it was so relaxed, everyone was happy sat outside in the beautiful sun and sunset simply chatting which was an element I thought really complimented the wedding so I sought to capture this laid back atmosphere.


Looking at other wedding photographers as part of my pre-shoot research, I’ve begun to notice a distinctiveness from the conventional aesthetic to my own. Normally you’d see many portraits, posed mostly, but this wasn’t me, I crammed myself into small holes, through gaps and behind the bar to really think about what my image says by the selection and rejection of different elements within the photographs outcome.


I read whilst researching that couples seeking a wedding photographer should really question what type of photographer they’d like to cover the event and now after having done my second wedding shoot, I can begin to really see why. What do you think?


Take a look here for more photo’s!

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