Hungry Planet – Peter Menzel & Faith D’Aluisio

Posted on July 22, 2014


These two adventurous photographers set out to on a global scaled mission, to document the diets of different cultures and as a result, they have published a photo album on their project named, ‘Hungry Planet’. In total, their travels took them to visit 30 families in 24 countries, each time photographing them at home, shopping at the market and surrounded by their weekly food purchases.

what-the-world-eats-peter-menzel-2 The Ayme family spends around $32 per week.

From their project it has been clearly evidenced, the different eating habits we have amongst ourselves and a large variety of cultures. It brings us to reflect and question our own lifestyles, I mean personally, I don’t think I eat half as healthily as the Bosnian family! These photographs allow us to examine the differences & similarities within a variety of cultures in regards to the food they purchase and their expenditure and with this, we bring it upon ourselves to reflect from these images  and compare it to our own lifestyles.

 what-the-world-eats-peter-menzel-3The Fernandezes family spends around $242 per week.

What I really love about the project is that it’s relatable, regardless of our indifferences, food as a subject is completely universal which allows us as the perceivers of this imagery to compare our own lifestyles to those across the globe. I also find the attached expenditure of each family and their weekly shop really interesting too, demonstrating just how far the families’ food goes and how many mouths they have to feed! However, when I first saw the project, I have to admit I found its aesthetics to be similar of the project ‘Children and their toys’ by Gabriele Galimberti.

 what-the-world-eats-peter-menzel-11The Dudo family spends around $90 per week.

So how does the lifestyles of many, compare to your own?

 what-the-world-eats-peter-menzel-18The Ukita family spends around $361 per week.

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