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Posted on July 17, 2014


Its really unfortunate that Cogtography hasn’t had a lot of attention from me recently, but since it’s last update I’ve had quite the adventure.       

Since starting in November I’ve been working with a charity, local to Plymouth named, ‘The Shekinah Mission’. The charity are dedicated to helping those (in a very unique non-judgemental fashion) facing issues with homelessness, poverty, conviction/ probation as well as mental and physical disabilities. The Shekinah Mission offer a huge range of services across the South West to help those in need of the charity including agriculture, decoration, construction, retail and an endless list of courses for those to attend and even gain a qualification at the end of the course.


My role within the charity was initially to simply document the charity and the part it plays within the local community, however as my project continued I found out more, I’d get told a lot of things but one thing in particular resonated with me, the fear of judgement within society. I was told by one of the ‘Learners’ that they were scared to go back into the community, to work and live a normal life because of the judgement they endlessly receive for a past that (in a lot of cases) was not necessarily their fault . Since finding that many of the learners on the course felt the same, my project took a sharp turn to communicate this fear and to show the public that judgement plays a damaging role on the confidence of these individuals and those alike.

The Shekinah Mission: Re:solve

I’ve travelled all over the SW seeing so many new things, and talking to so many people listening to the stories of their pasts that they’d have to tell or learning about the increase of homelessness and the decrease of financial aid. Really for me, this project has been THE turning point, as a documentarian it has taught me so much in the ways of morals, ethics and the professional practice of documentary photography.


The Shekinah Mission have had a huge impact on me, before September 2013, I suffered from a great deal of confidence issues which prevented me from even being able to talk to others, I would shy away, I wouldn’t pry and I’d stare at the ground. Now you probably won’t be able to get rid of me! Shekinah have really helped me to ‘come out of my shell’ and have put me on the path to my aspirations of becoming a documentary photographer, I’ve also been doing some fundraising for them too > (LINK: 21:21, The Photo-Marathon)!  As a charity, they have astonished me, they are all extremely dedicated, passionate, always working round the clock and most of all welcoming. They will always have my support and my camera.

 The Shekinah Mission: Re:solve

This project has received so much attention, positive critiques from industry professionals, published features/ articles in both local and national press and even a proposal to collaborate from internationally recognised documentary photographer, Robin Maddock and as a result of all of this my project is still ongoing and will be for another 6-8months with the outcome of a published book. All of which I am absolutely delighted with!

 The Shekinah Mission: Re:solve

I recently had my results from this project as well as my graduating results from the BA Hon(s) Photography program i’ve been attending at the Plymouth College of Art and am pleased to say the project received a first and I will be graduating in October with a first class degree!

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