Foreword goes on Kickstarter.

Posted on April 8, 2014


Let me take a moment to introduce a handful of talented BA Hon(s) Photography students from the Plymouth College of Art who go by the name, ‘Foreword’.


My group and I have been working like mad recently to reach our goal of having a remarkable summer show at the Free Range event in London where our works will proudly be displayed for Londoners and visitors to see. We are named ‘Foreword’ as leaving education for us all is only the beginning, the ‘first page’ so to speak, of our journey’s as professionals. Since our founding we have hosted a record breaking print auction raising around £3000 for our cause, a great start towards our race to the finish line of £6000 – £7000.

Read an article written about the night here.

From that night we have been planning, organising and creating media to help us on our mission of raising those pennies which has resulted in a quiz night, pop-up studios, photographer book signings (involving John Curno and Robin Maddock) and pop-up shops to sell hand-made crafts of our work.

Now we are appealing to everyone to lend us a helping hand. We recently set up a kickstarter page in a bid to raise our target of £1000, and with our goals so closely in reach we are almost ready to prepare ourselves for a moment in the ‘spotlight’ we just need your help. With your help, our goals are just in reach whether you donate as little as £1 or even just kindly share this invite amongst friends and family and although every donation has our sincerest gratitude, larger donations will give you a fantastic gift from a choice of any of our works.

To view our informative and rather classy kickstarter page, click here!

Money received will go towards helping us purchase resources for setting up the exhibition and it’s promotion and remember every bit helps, so please if you won’t be donating (Don’t worry my pockets are empty too!) then please just share us, it’s easy! We are everywhere on the social network scene so give us a like, follow and share and keep up to date with our endeavours.

Thanks for the read, now let’s get viral!

To get in touch please e-mail: 

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