21:21, The Photo-Marathon

Posted on February 11, 2014


Please Note: This article is my response to the Challenge I previously featured and discussed on my blog, click here to see it for more information on the photo marathon and it’s cause, intentions and aims.

Photo-Marathon Team(Some of the team and myself)

Yesterday morning, we met at 9am to group together at base camp where we had facilitated and equipped our homely space with Mac’s, charging units, food, drinks, photography equipment, enough to keep us going for the long 21 hour endeavour we had ahead of us. Before leaving we discussed different ideas that we could do throughout the day such as constructing a time-lapse, different locations around Plymouth to go and who would go where. I started my day leaving base camp at around 9.30 -45am and heading out to the street, Union street.

MillbayI went to union street as I felt I had neglected it photographically during my 4 years here at Plymouth, with such rich culture and character it is inviting to anyone looking for some street photography. I used the daylight as my chance to explore new routes, back alleys, car parks to climb to the top of and mark any interesting shots that I felt might be interesting to see at night.

MillbayAltogether my travels took me around Millbay, Durnford, Union Street, the border of Devonport, every little back street or alleyways I could get into and Plymouth’s city centre. I used the photo marathon as a chance to develop upon my street photography. Years ago I practiced street photography extensively at the beginning of my profession however as my educational pursuits became more demanding I begun to neglect urban photography. This marathon helped to re-inspire me towards creative outcome and having fun, as any photographer is advised, don’t forget to have fun with the medium.

MillbayThe kind of shots I would look for were ones that could communicate a context of sorts through it’s history, blatant display of culture or even just aesthetic appeal however by night time I became infatuated with a whole new subject, lights and windows. I really love the way light hits the floor and shimmers across the pathway, illuminating your walk as it were the yellow brick road. I sought for windows, ones that shops had left on overnight to showcase their products/ merchandise and looked more specifically at the way in which the light fell on these objects.

My reason for photographing through the window is the fact that whilst photographing still life I still wanted to communicate the essence that it’s night, the street lamps are on (and orange…) the traffics streaming it’s headlights past you and the ambience is more peaceful, stripped from it’s everyday congestion, busy walkways and conversation, instead the best of what silence there was and a squeaky, screeching sign wavering in the wind as I walked the down Union Street, alone.

MillbayRegardless of being pretty ill for the marathon I’m really pleased that I went, I felt it taught me a lot more about activities within professional industry/ community and to be creative, think on your feet and be free to do so. I have to admit, staying up for 21 hours seems easy, however I begun to realise that looks may be deceiving when you go out on a shoot where you’ve probably been walking for about 3-4 hours solid, come back to base camp, edit for an hour, maybe two and then going straight back out again, repeating this process over and over until you have completed the challenge, however perhaps this is just the perception of an ill photographer, eh?  This was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to those at Fotonow for getting this marathon together.

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