Matt Molloy – Sky Photography

Posted on October 6, 2013


Matt Molloy – Smeared Skies

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For all of you out there that consider yourself the experimental landscape artist go to there and challenge the conventions of your medium, use a technique to break the normal standard of perfection that landscape demands and have fun. This is why I enjoy Matt Molloy’s work, through artistic perception and creation Matt shoots hundreds of time lapses of the sky remaining in the exact same location and then combines then to create his vivid works of ‘sky art’.

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Matt is a Canadian-based photographer and he names this series, ‘Smeared Skies’. He pays a vivid attention to how he composes his outcome during post-production and the way in which the clouds are lit. Working on each photo takes Matt hours of work a day. Favouring the work he did with sunrise’s he enjoyed experimenting with different times of day to see a variety of new outcomes towards his series.

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