Vanishing Act – Art Wolfe

Posted on September 22, 2013


Does anyone else remember reading, ‘Where’s Wally’? If so then you’re gonna have a blast with Art Wolfe’s series titled, ‘Vanishing Act’. Using really brilliant composition and angling Wolfe manages to achieve a sense of invisibility amongst the trees and bushes and disguised within them are animals found in their habitats.


A Seattle-based photographer,  his incredible photos almost always need a second look as it’s hard to spot the animals at the first sight. The 61-year-old photographer started his project way back in 1980, and released it in 2005. “This collection has been a long time in the making. Finding and filming animals on location is an exhilarating and painstaking process. I’m still adding to the project even now,” – Art Wolfe


When I look at his photographs from this series one thing springs to mind, a metaphor I once heard, “In a world full of photographs many must be armed with a machete to chop away at the access to bushes and foliage to find what they really want.” I also love how he uses the tonal ranges across a certain shade of colour(s) to achieve this appearance of invisibility with the wildlife and their habitat, coinciding as one.

Hungry for more challenging photos to look at? Wondering what else could possibly follow? Take a look with this link!

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