Sophie & Her Scarves – Tom Coghill

Posted on April 16, 2013


So I was in the studio again and this time was a little bit different from what I have been doing. Sophie Willcox (My Client) had asked me to photograph her scarves that she designed herself for her design course and to fashion them she asked her friend Reece and her cousin Nichole to model for the camera. Using a large fan which was in the studio we were able to have a little play with the scarves having them blow and flap through the wind to give them a more appealing aesthetic.


I went into the studio ‘armed’ with a Nikon D200, 50mm Sigma Prime Lens, Pocket Wizards, two Large soft boxes, tripod and light meter. I was able to capture some great shots with this equipment however focusing was a little trickier having to use the Nikon d200 instead of my usual favored DSLR’s the D700 or D800. Sophie and the two girls were fantastic to work with with a very creative energy fueling interesting and new poses for the model to preform for the frame and I have to say I really did enjoy myself a lot!


Something I will take away from this shoot is my new found experience in using props and machines to liven up and create a more exciting visual outcome within my work.

Take a look at the photographs on my website: