Entering ‘Best Shots 2013’ Competition

Posted on April 12, 2013


“Best Shots – Recognising and Rewarding Outstanding Photography

The Best Shots Photographic Competition and Touring Exhibition is a charitable fundraising activity that is open to photographers on a worldwide basis.

Proceeds from entry fees, photographic sales and donations created by Best Shots go to support the heritage restoration charity that was responsible for the highly successful regeneration of the Victorian railway station in Richmond, North Yorkshire. This same charity, the Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust, continues to act as the guardian for this historically significant building. The charity is also constituted to take on further heritage restoration projects on a district-wide basis.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of numerous individuals, businesses and organisations, the majority of the costs associated with staging this ambitious event have been underwritten, which means that your involvement in Best Shots will be that much more worthwhile to the charity.” – Taken from the website

I had decided it was time for me to test my luck, after all having worked so hard recently surely I must have an image worthy of being recognized within an online competition so I selected the promising sounding competition named best shots which was really easy and simple to enter, very straight forward and even fast in responding to any queries that I had such as copyright issues and ownership laws.

Here is my entry:CaptureThe photograph is one I have taken for my current university assignment, in which I am working alongside a local mixed martial arts (MMA) gym named Taurus, located in Mutley, Plymouth.

My entry has been rated by three different judges and these were the results:

(Each grading is out of 100)

– 84

– 67

– 94

I was pretty happy to receive these results as it states within the competition that getting over 70 at least once in any of your submissions is considered a ‘feat to be commended’ so as you could probably imagine, when getting my result I was shocked and partially bouncing round the room! However I keep my fingers crossed for hopefully being exhibited in London soon!

To check out the competition for yourself, follow this link!