‘Six Empty Chairs’ – Tom Coghill

Posted on April 4, 2013


Working with a group named, ‘The Six Empty Chair’s’. This group of people are from the Plymouth College of Art and have created a group for a curatorial team as part of the module they are currently undertaking, and for the module they thought it to be a good idea to get some photographs done of themselves so naturally, I was there to give a helping hand! _DSC5467-copy

The group were happy and excited about the photo-shoot, composing their good sides and thinking carefully about how they wanted to look, as these photographs were going to be released for public consumption, they had to look good for ‘the crowd’! This was my first time in  actually working with a group of people before and I must say it was interesting, It was great in the fact that the other members of the group could put whoever was infront of the camera at ease and make them crack a smile!


This way I was able to catch some great and natural shots which I was ultimately pleased with. I went into the studio equipped with my usual set-up of a Nikon D800, 50mm Sigma Prime lens, light meters, pocket wizards, soft boxes and flash heads. My lighting arrangement was a simple one for a clean looking shot which involved one hair light to bounce out from behind my subject and one light to light up the front of my subject but from the left to cast a slight shadow.


If I were to give myself any area for improvement it would most likely be my time co-ordination between each model. Having to get through 5 people in one sitting was a task I had not undertaken before, so I felt a little rushed at times, not rushed enough to risk the quality of my work. I would have liked to have organised my time more efficiently I think.


There are actually six members of the group, hence the name, however unfortunately the sixth member was not available on the day to make the shoot with the rest of her group. At the beginning of the shoot, the group had asked an odd favour of me, to photograph six chairs, just on their own, all cluttered and clambered over one another, so I obliged taking a contemporary approach to mind for this mini task and the group remarked in a pleased manner towards my results, saying “wow you’ve got a really good eye for this”. Needless to say I was rather chuffed with that!


If you would like to take a look at these photographs on my website, follow this link below:


It’s fantastic to see them putting the photo’s to good use, click here to see what I mean!



(and for those that want to see it, the chairs)