Real Estate Photography – Tom Coghill

Posted on March 26, 2013


About a year and a half ago my landlord required my photographic services. He wanted me to photograph his numerous properties. Now I had never done or even considered doing real estate before and so I had sought advice on the type of equipment I should use and how I should light a room. My university lecturers had advised me to use a wide angle len’s but to use it correctly so that it does not distort the actual dimensions of the room and to use a speedlight for portability and control over the balance of both natural and controlled lighting.


So with this advice I got a Nikon D90, SP800 Speedlight, 18 – 28mm Len’s and a Tripod and I have to the equipment had done the job. The challenge I had faced was the lighting, ensuring that I had the exposure from the window not blanked out and also accounting for the lighting of the walls from the room. So to work with this I had accounted my cameras settings for the exposures from the window and used the speedlight to fill in the darkness from the room. All of this was in 2010.


Since then my landlord has kept my handy and working hard photographing his properties frequently whenever he updates them. From this I have developed a nice real estate based portfolio for myself which you can see on my website. The most recent work I have done for my landlord was in 2012 and for this I had used a Nikon D800, SP800 Speedlight, Manfrotto Tripod and a Wide Angle Lens

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