“The Best so far…” – FD2 Photography Student’s Exhibition

Posted on March 15, 2013


All my fellow student’s and I will soon be featured on the walls of “Trerise Gallery” with our works. We would love anyone in Plymouth to have a ‘nosey’ on what we have all been up too! With so much at hand I’m sure you’ll find something you like! We have, portraits, landscapes, macro, minimal, abstract, contextual and action packed photography on show.

Myself and a few others have been put in charge of organizing the event and putting it up and let’s just say I’m a very busy man these day’s! However I must say I’ve had a fantastic team to work with and generally it has been an enjoyable experience not to forget a valuable one too! this experience will come in handy for all that we have to do next year.

69849_10200814137422405_246833050_nHere is a poster with all the details of the event and soon I will be updating this post with feedback from the private viewing and reviews as well as my own experience and interpretations from the event. There will be both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks served on the night and also, if you are feeling generous enough, a donations pot to help us students raise some cash for exhibitions and events we will be hosting for fundraising next year so anything contributed would be valued extensively! Keep an eye out on this post for more updates! Hope to see some faces there!

Here is a link to the gallery’s website:



So for this exhibition I was part of the head curating team, it was a very enjoyable experience I must admit however only having a couple of weeks to get everything sorted was an enormous task! Each of the six members of our team were allocated tasks to fulfill for the exhibition, mine included creating the labels for the pieces, advertising, and setting up the display (with the rest of the team).

IMG_4889(An image of the labels I created)

Creating the labels took longer than I thought, with having to mount the paper on to he foam board and to cut them as neatly as possible, however I was pleased with the results as were my team. There were a few mistakes noticed afterwards though in the information printed so sometimes the labels were revisited and recreated.

I had never really realized before just how much thought and dedication went into setting up an exhibition, we arranged the photographs all by different aspects including, subject matter, tonal quality, framing selection and compositions/ genres of the images. This took us the good part of 6-7 hours to finally have done. We had to measure the wall and involve a rather large amount of math to find the photographs ‘sweet spot’ so that we could hammer in a nail and get it hung. It wasn’t as easy as I had initially thought from the ‘slap, bang, wallop’! After we had set up, we all stood back and took pride in what we all had considered to be, a ‘good looking exhibition’  From this all that was left to do was the stewarding for 10 days and then take down once again.

IMG_4905(Me standing by my exhibited piece, titled “Portrait of a Lover”)

I stewarded and curated the exhibition for a total of 10 -12 hours, first for half a day on the day after the exhibition had set up, and then the following Monday for the entire day. Generally it was a pleasant experience. What I enjoyed most was conversing with the public and talking about the work with them, explaining some of the contexts behind the photograph. Many comments were made and even a few remarks about my own piece on its ‘Great lighting technique’ and ‘the detail and sharpness of the image’ however people that saw my piece tended to remark on the eyes and how my subject was gazing.

I found the experience really fantastic, and it’s definitely something I could do in the future external from the university but in co-ordination with a small group of us having set up our own work.

If you wanna have a look at my exhibited piece for your own eyes and see what people were talking about take a look on my website through this link here: