Working with the ‘Ellis’ Kids – Tom Coghill

Posted on March 12, 2013


_DSC8903I had a fantastic time in the studio yesterday. It was so refreshing to work with such an energetic trio of kids who seemed endlessly full of ideas when it came to posing! They just played around as if they were  with their friends at school and for me that was brilliant seeing such happy faces to capture in my photos! Using my normal equipment consisting of a Nikon D700, 50mm Sigma Prime Lens, Light Meter, Pocket Wizards and Soft Boxes I had no real difficulties in photographing these guys! I experimented with a large amount of different compositions to see what worked well within child photography and I feel that some of them really worked, this will help me to establish how to compose future models.

_DSC8934I also had a play with the arrangement of lights, this time focusing on how the background lighting is effected within the placement of the light source and by using a reflector too I managed to achieve a soft toning across the white backdrop to highlight the back of my models to distinguish further features. Julie (The Mother) fed back to me that kids thought I was “great” so I was pleased to have made such an impression, perhaps that was thanks to me ‘geeking out’ on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with them and ‘The Avengers’!