‘Focus on Imaging’ 2013 Birmingham – Trip

Posted on March 7, 2013


Immediately in entering the enormous building I found myself dwarfed by this wonderful event. An infinite row of stalls and seminars filled the ambiance greatly with so much to see. I myself was particularly interested in the camera and len’s equipment, seeing as I do not yet own any. In talking to on-site professionals I found brilliant advice on what to invest in and it gave me great ideas about how much I will need to save and what to buy when I leave university to begin my independent professional career.


Having picked up piles and piles of free catalouges, discount vouchers, and flyers I found myself soon weighed down with two backpacks worth of information to leaf through and in reading through all of these things within my own time I was able to establish the equipment and its specifics that I will be invest in, this includes a Nikon D800, Manfrotto Tripod (possibly from the carbon fibre range), 50mm Sigma Prime Len’s (as well as wide angles and long ranged), Portable studio equipment with backdrops, portable Elinchrom lighting, flashguns, cf cards… the list appears to be endless, so I guess you could say I had better start saving.


We arrived at 11am (roughly) and we left at 4pm (roughly) giving us a restricted 5 hours to see the whole thing. We hardly made it! With my feet tired and on the verge of blistered we had only JUST managed to see every single stall in the NEC Hall. My favourite stall, being the Nikon stall. All in all I would highly recommend anyone serious about photography to go, it is just incredible and I cant really explain it otherwise but to say go and see for yourself.


Here’s the website: