Lil’ Baby ‘Lexi’ – Tom Coghill

Posted on February 27, 2013


I have to say, this was my first ever baby shoot and regardless of the fact that lil’ baby Lexi wasn’t feeling very well the day of the shoot, (26th February 2013)  I had a fantastic time with the company of Sammi (Mother), Donna (Aunt) and family friend Grant.


Within the five minute intervals of the tears having been ceased I managed to capture some shots quick and generally I was pleased with what I had captured. Using a Nikon D800, 50mm Lens, Two Flash Heads with soft boxes attached the equipment captured some nicely lit shots. I’d say the trickiest part of it all was the spacial awareness. Having only lil’ Lexi to fill the frame for my shots meant I had to work the space around her creatively and efficiently.


The clients were very pleased with the results too, rating me highly within my evaluation feedback form and they also stated that they also had an enjoyable time. Baby photography is definatly something I could do again but the next time round I would like to prepare myself with more props and perhaps a full nights sleep the night before!

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