Self-Portraits… Upside down?! – Caulton Morris

Posted on February 24, 2013


upside-down-self-portraits-stephen-caulton-morris-13Before you wonder or ask, no these are not ‘photo-shopped’  100% real and honest upside down self-portraits! After the popular sensation, ‘planking’ that recently took craze to the public like ducks to breadcrumbs British photographer Caulton Morris. They often say that sometimes you have to change your point of view to come up with an answer or solution, well no one had ever thought it would have been taken quite a literally as this!

upside-down-self-portraits-stephen-caulton-morris-6He uses a 10-second timer and with his good body coordination does a headstand to make these shots. The hilarious pictures are completely real and unedited as sworn by the photographer himself. What I like personally about his work is the fact that it’s different and that it demonstrates the difference of interpretation between us all.

upside-down-self-portraits-stephen-caulton-morris-11Can’t get enough? Follow this link:

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