Working with Christine – Tom Coghill

Posted on February 16, 2013


I wasn’t so ‘smooth’ for this photo shoot at first. (15th of February 2013) Having had a rather long break from studio work, Christine was the first person I had managed to get in the studio for almost a year. I had forgotten basic things like shutter speed sync with lighting (250 for the record) and adjusting the light heads efficiently. This did originally set me back in my confidence and made me look rather unprofessional admittedly! So after the corrections were made my confidence grew and I had managed to achieve some great shots by the end of it all!


I was equipped with a Nikon D700, 50mm Lens, 2x Studio Lighting with Soft Boxes attached as well as ‘Pocket Wizards’, Light Meters and of course a Tripod. In this shoot I enjoyed experimenting with the social side of it, how to influence my model’s behavior simply by what I say and how I act. Christine also enjoyed the shoot too and appreciated the results I had provided her with.

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