Snowflakes Up-Close – Andrew Osokin

Posted on December 25, 2012


With Christmas only round the corner I felt it only appropriate to feature this article! You know how snowflake themed decorations shows a complex arrangement of lines and curves to create it’s unique and pointed shape, well compare that to what your about to see. snowflakes-macro-photography-andrew-osokin-8Just think every single bit of snow that falls from the sky, or every bit that lays on the floor looks every bit different than another. Thanks to Andrew Osokin’s macro photography, we can see this for ourselves! snowflakes-macro-photography-andrew-osokin-7Andrew is a Moscow based photographer, and with such patience comes fantastic results as he has displayed! This to me demonstrates a context in which we really should look closer to the smaller objects, there’s a hidden world out there, we just need to look hard enough to find it.snowflakes-macro-photography-andrew-osokin-5So this year, if your lucky to have snow, take a long hard look, and tell me what you see, baring in mind what you’ve seen here… See more of  his work in the link below:


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