Just a bit of EVERYTHING – Michael Muller

Posted on November 19, 2012


Michael Muller’s online portfolio displays such a vast and varying skill set is so many different genres of photography, each of them being as interesting, unique, motivational and special as the last. Michael Muller is the type that has done it all and a fantastic job of it too.He has done Expeditions, Portraits, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Advertising and even Documentaries.

Employed and sought after many he has done media advertisements that we all already know of such as the front cover for the movie, battleships, Spartacus and even…

Captain America.

His portraits intrigue me, each displaying a new form of lighting and techniques you can see that he carefully plans out how to best light his subjects and even compose them so that the subjects personality is best displayed. He has also photographed many famous faces, I’m sure looking through them on his website that you could spot a few familiar faces.

However my personal favorite category from all of his photography would have to be his sport photography, it seems as though he has ants in his pants as he dashes around from one sport to the other making the individuals that take part in it look just that little bit more unique.

Michael also has had some incredible opportunities, some that most of us have wished for all of our lives. Here’s an example of just one of them,

An Expedition to Swim with Sharks!

To see more of Micheal’s incredible work for yourselves click here:


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