Smashes, Splashes & Birds – Martin Klimas Photography

Posted on November 15, 2012


Martin Klimas does a wide variety of different works, each are inspiring, motivational, unique and rather odd! His first project featured on his website experiments with what you may call a  3-D interpretation of Jackson Pollocks work where he uses music on a high volume to make the colored liquids rise into an interesting pattern and in doing so creating the following result:

This was Paul Hindemith / Ludis Tonalis

He also did a series on photographing the beauty of the birds of prey in controlled lighting environments giving extremely detailed and wonderfully composed results facing the viewer face to face with these magnificent birds!

Klimas was also very interested, not by the shatter of the glass but instead by how a ‘transformation’ took place in merely a second as he shot the vase with a steel pellet and watched as the flower remained picturesque and the below uttered completely destruction and chaos.

To view the unique and rather magical site that is Martin’s, click here:

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