DOLLS (Still Life) – Isabelle Ribeiro

Posted on November 10, 2012


I was looking for some still life photography when I had encountered Isabelle Ribeiro mysteriously intriguing yet eerie “Doll Photography”. I really enjoy the refreshing personality she uses to characterize her subjects as well as composing and arranging these dolls in interesting and sometimes dramatic poses.

The lighting she uses adds a certain depth of detail to these dolls as well as her fine attention to using certain background that would best bring the photographic potential within these still life objects. Still life is a very vast field of photography, It can be interpreted in so many ways and can be rather spontaneous so for me I find this series particular interesting because its an insight into what Isabelle interprets still life to be to an extent.

“Her conceptual photographs of resin ball-jointed dolls have also been a huge part of her photography and have been exhibited nationally in galleries and juried exhibits.”

Click here to see the rest of her work:

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