Underwater – Joseph Seif

Posted on November 6, 2012


Joseph Seif is not just a photographer but also does cinematography too but I shan’t be discussing that as its his photography that’s got me intrigued. His online portfolio displays a range of things he has done within the medium, this include portraiture, fashion, dance, and concert photography, but his best by far (in my opinion) would be his underwater photography.

I was pleasantly surprised by a few thing, one by how he uses the bottom of the pool for shadow effects, two that he uses more than one model, and three, he hasn’t consistently used the female body as most underwater photographers do to portray a sense of ‘beauty’. Joseph Seif has given me a few more ideas to experiment and play around with when I go into fully practicing this asset of photography and so he has now become an influence to myself.

Take a look at his portfolio here:


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