Paint Splashed Models – Iain Crawford

Posted on November 3, 2012


London based photographer Iain Crawford has produced some fantastic and beautiful works of art within his photography. I believe most of us have seen others experimenting with the splash technique in photography but none to the extensive practice of Iain Crawford and his models.

When the paint or powder is thrown at the models, it’s all a matter of a split second to seize the beauty of the splashes. “The resulting shapes are as opulent as any piece of bespoke couture,” says Iain. The paint splashes and the vivid model make-up create graphically very strong images with high textural quality.

When I look at Iain’s work i see an explosion of formal elements… and of course colour! The raw power of the shape, tones and colour burst onto the model in an exciting display of brilliant photography.

Click here to see more of Iain Crawford’s impressive and colorful work:

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