Water Wigs – Tim Tadder

Posted on October 29, 2012


Tim Tadder’s extremely incredible control of water allows him to manipulate it in any shape and form he pleases, so what has he chosen to do with it, may I introduce to you his series titled, ‘Water Wigs’. Tadder’s understanding of lighting and fast shutter speed photography is what made all this extremely motivating and inspirational work possible, we have all at one time in our photographic career attempted to throw some water in the air and capture it as it falls, its a lot harder than it looks however with the bold and powerfully dynamic photographs he’s captured it really makes you appreciate the delicate and powerful form that is water.

I love how he not only pays attention to the detail of his model and the water but also the lighting of the background added a certain delicacy towards the final result of the splash. His attention to details is what should inspire many to look and remember about all the aspects of the finished result before its been shot.

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