Nitrogen Flowers – John Shireman

Posted on October 26, 2012


John Shireman, using his basic know how of chemistry and combining it with some flowers resulted in some smashing fun! He is a new york based photographer who focus’s his works around still life photography, in order to create some really interesting photographs he though out of the box to other means of creativity and through that he came to the conclusion of soaking some flowers in liquid nitrogen and smashing them.

The series is named, Broken Flowers, presenting his work in a before and after effect creates the overall notion of contrast between the soft natural shapes of the blossoms against sharp and broken pieces of the frozen flowers afterwards. This difference of formal elements between two shots is powerful and expressive.

You can see a real attention to detail as to how he lights the subject before and after ensuring that the lighting and composition is similar therefore making a natural and easy connection between the two shots. This shows to me as a photographer that you can involve other forms of creativity to get a unique and unseen results just as John has done so with his ‘Broken Flowers’

You can see the rest of his work here:

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