Fashion Photography – Alberto Oviedo

Posted on October 12, 2012


Alberto Oviedo’s photography reflects many a meaning, each portrait having a different message, some of American consumerism, some of raw emotion and others of plain vanity in beauty. Oviedo’s approach inspires me with such a beautiful eye of detail and composition making the photograph interesting, pulling the viewer in with an alluring tug to look deeper and deeper into the photo.

What I like best about Oviedo’s work though is that he is interesting having a discretely different approach to his subjects than the standard portrait, some of his work is plain surreal but others display just a hint of indifference from your standard portrait which is what really appeals to me but not only that I also like the fact that he has done such a diversity of different models, subjects and scenarios into the genre of fashion and portraiture.

Take a closer look at his meaningful and beautiful photography,

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