Visiting Lecturer – Liz Wells

Posted on October 10, 2012


Today we had a lecturer, visit the Plymouth College of Art to present to us a talk based on the works of Martin Parr. Liz Wells is a Professor in Photographic Culture at Plymouth University. Throughout this talk we discussed many points surrounding the genre of social documentary such as how it has developed and what we can establish/ learn from it.

Using Martin Parr’s work as a prime resource to exemplify her key points we were able to understand easily the connections and references Liz was making towards Social Documentary.

From this lecture I myself took many new ideals, having an interest in the genre of documentary photography I could really begin to appreciate the cultural differences is social economics and how it has established through daily media. Also having Martin Parrs work exhibited in the PCA gallery made huge relevance to this lecture.

I begun to understand Parr’s work a little better however this does not change my initial notions towards it, this being not particularly fond of the results but intrigued for the concept behind it. This is why I prefer his films in comparison to his photography

Martin Parr’s Website:

REGARDLESS of the fact that Martin Parr was used as the prime example for Social Documentary, at the time this lecture was given I was in the middle of conducting research of the fantastic Vivian Maier for my current project 202: “Visual Narrative” (Click here to see Intro & Proposal) and I found that a lot of the points that Liz Wells had made from this lecture were easily applied to all Social Documentary photographers and with this points in mind I was able to look at Maiers work with a more insightful approach towards my analysis and research.

Vivian Maier’s Website: